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    Equity Crowdfunding

  • How to raise a $1M to fund your startup or small business.

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  • What you'll learn


    When you join us for a session of Raising Money, you'll get the most comprehensive equity and debt crowdfunding masterclass in the USA.


    If you are a startup or business looking to raise up to $1M dollars, here is what you'll walk away from the class with:

    • An understanding of JOBS Act Crowdfunding 
    • The intersection of Blockchain, Tokens and Cryptocurrencies with crowdfunding and your goals of raising money for your business
    • How Title III of the JOBS Act can be used to raise up to $1.07M dollars under Reg CF crowdfunding 
    • Attendees' tuition includes a copy of the Raising Money workbook to document the steps you need to take to be successful at raising money for your business or startup

    The class lays the foundation for you and your business to understand what is needed to raise money via RegCF, as well as Reg A+ (up to $50M) and Reg D. Additionally, you'll be privied to analyzing and understanding what blockchain is and if cryptocurrencies, tokens, ICOs, STOs and DSOs are right for your capital raisng needs. Come network with industry professionals in an engaging, stimulating and immersive full day masterclass taught by Columbia University and UNH School of Law professors and learn directly from practitioners with proven track records and deep real-world experience.

  • Why choose Raising Money Crowdfunding Masterclass?

    Just listen to some of our prior students.

  • The Professors

    Internationally renowned crowdfunding experts.

    Demystifying Crowdfunding.

    Maureen is an attorney, licensed to practice law in the State of New York and Florida, specializing in securities, tax, business and crowdfunding law. She is Principal at Crowdie Advisors; Of Counsel at Cogent Law Group, in Washington, DC, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law. Dr. She is a crowdfunding advisor to numerous startups around the globe and is globally recognized for her thought leadership on legal implications relating to cryptocurrency policy and regulations, equity crowdfunding and small business topics. She can be contacted at: maureen@crowdieadvisors.com | @CrowdieAdvisors.

    Simplifying the nuts and bolts of technology.

    Samson is an internationally recognized expert and thought leader on crowdfunding, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, based out of Washington, DC and Dubai, UAE. He is Principal Consultant at Axes and Eggs and serves on the Board of the Crowdfunding Professionals Association; with over 15 years of advising Fortune 50 companies and startups. Samson is also a graduate professor at Columbia University and Co-Creator of the University of New Hampshire School of Law’s Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law Certification Program; where he teaches blockchain, cryptocurrencies, crowdfunding and fintech.

  • The Raising Money Crowdfunding Methodology


    The building blocks of business success.


    Bonafide Business

    We help you set up a real business. Not an expensive hobby.


    Demystifying Regulations

    Regulations can be confusing. We breaking them down so you can understand how to use them to your advantage.


    Real Products

    What is your product, good or service? We help you define it and understand your market fit.



    There is no capital in the world like revenue. Lets sell, sell, sell!


    Customer Investors

    Who better to invest in your company than your loyal customers?


    Pre-Launch Checklist

    We created a guide to prepare you to launch.

  • Additional Services from CrowdieAdvisors

    In addition to education, Crowdie Advisors is here to help you with hands on crowdfunding assistance.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Since 2016 Crowdie Advisors has been demystifing SEC, FINRA and other regulator's compliance concerns for startups and Founders.

    Marketing & Communications Strategy

    From helping you identify your products, goods and services, to helping you build your brand and vision.

    Pre-Conference Planning

    We help prep you to ensure you get the most value for attending conferences.

    Smart Products

    We focus on helping you create smart products that generate revenue from day one.

    Focus groups and Pitches

    Wonder what potential customers will think of your product? We got you covered.

  • Raising Money

    Equity Crowdfunding Workbook.


    Can't make it to class? Order your "Raising Money " workbook for your business or startup, to explore how crowdfunding could be the right choice for you.

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  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: No legal advice will be given as part of this program. Anything on this website or at the masterclass or from consultations should not be construed as advice from a lawyer. Always consult legal counsel for matters of law.


    All data on crowdfunding is from publicly available sources, collected and compiled for years 2016 -- 2018. Sources include: Crowdfund Capital Advisors Report to the SECKickstarter Success DataMicroventures: Key FindingsA New World of FundraisingBest Practices • and many others.